• FluoroMax
    The FluoroMax4 is a compact spectrofluorometer from HORIBA Scientific, yet it offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence investigations as well as features not found in most table-top fluorescence detection system VIEW PRODUCTS

  • QuantaMaster
    HORIBA PTI's QuantaMaster are the most sensitive fluorometers available and they are designed to meet your highest demands and budget. We have four standard steady state QuantaMaster systems in the series and because eacjh instrument is modular, you can adopt your fluorometers to the demands of your research and expand your application with our many accessories and system enhancements VIEW PRODUCTS

  • TimeMaster
    HORIBA PTI's TimeMaster series offers both PTI patented Stroboscopic technique and conventional TCSPC technique. Apart from these two time-domain techniques, HORIBA also offers frequency domain technique. No matter which technique is needed for your research, you could be sure your fluorinmeter will have high performance and flexibility you are searching for. VIEW PRODUCTS

  • Laboratory Gas Generator
    F-DGSi, France has nothing to declare, other than being One Step Ahead of the competition, in regards to Gas Systems. F-DGSi Gas Generators are Modular, smoother, quieter, safer and offer more functionality than anybody in the market. VIEW PRODUCTS

    Gold APP Instruments Corporation, China is specialized in gas sorption analytical instruments, R&D, marketing and service. Our main analyzers including surface area and porosity analyzer, Gas pycnometer true density analyser, High pressure gas sorption analyser, Sample degasser and so on, used for nanomaterials analyzing VIEW PRODUCTS