Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Photon Technology International (PTI), USA is able to provide the highest quality and most flexible spectrofluorometers worldwide for over 30 years. As the oldest independent fluorescence company in the market, PTI distinguishes itself in the photonics industry by devoting all resources to specialize solely in manufacturing and selling complete spectroscopy systems as well as their basic building blocks. ALL the PTI systems are modular, open architecture design so upgradeability is very easy when customer needs it. Manufacturing of the most sensitive spectrofluorometers in the industry , with the best spectral resolution and stray light rejection, PTI products are the ideal choice for a wide range of research applications





  • Water Raman S/N ratio: 3,000:1 (6,000:1 using the RMS method)
  • Photon counting for ultimate sensitivity
  • Fast scanning capability - up to 80 nm/sec
  • Powerful FluorEssence software for Windows
  • TCSPC accessory for lifetime determination
  • Phosphorimeter accessory for long-lived luminescence determination
Product Image Fluromax4

QuantaMaster QM-400

  • Industry's Highest Sensitive Spectrofluorimeter
  • S/N Ratio: <20,000:1 for Raman band of Water
  • Three Grating Turret, Motorized selection of Grating
  • Asymmetry Czerny-Turner Monbochromator
  • Stray Light: 10 -6
  • Motorized Flipping Mirror for Detector selection Photon counting as well as Analog detection
  • Detection Range UV-VIS: PMT: 650 nm or Red PMT 900nm (Optional: Up to 5000 nm)
  • Peltier Cooled Detector Housing for Low Dark Current
Product Image QM400

QuantaMaster QM-40

  • Highly Sensitive Spectrofluorimeter,
  • S/N Ratio: <10,000:1 for Raman band of Water
  • 460 Attomolar Fluorescein Detection
  • Photon counting as well as Analog detection
  • Detection UV-VIS: PMT: 650 nm or Red PMT 900nm
  • Wide range of accessories
  • DPSS Laser (Pulsed or Continuous) as Light Source
  • Peltier Thermostatted (Single / Multiple) cell holder
  • Integrating sphere for Quantum Yield Measurement
  • Solid / Powder Sample Holder, Stopped Flow, Titrator etc
Product Image QM400

QuantaMaster QM-50/500 NIR

  • Detection in NIR range, 500 to 1700 nm by Solid -state Detector (InGaAs)
  • Optional InGaAs: up to 2,200 nm
Product Image QM400

QuantaMaster QM-60/600 NIR

  • Detection in NIR range by PMT Detector up to 1700 nm
  • LN2 cooled or Peltier cooled PMT

QuantaMaster QM-80/800

  • High speed multi-wavelength ratio measurement system
  • PTI patented DeltaRAM as excitation source
  • Analog and Photon Counting Detection
Product Image QM400

FluoroLog 3 / FluoroLog Extreme

  • Unique, modular system adapts to new experiments or changing technology so is never obsolete
  • All reflective optics so that the sample is in focus at all wavelengths
  • Highest sensitive spectrofluorometer from HORIBA JOBIN YVON
  • Can detect 50 femtomolar fluorescein
  • FluoroLog Extreme with supercontinuum white laser as light source
Product Image QM400

AquaLog / Dual FL

  • The only true simultaneous absorbance-fluorescence system available
  • TE-cooled CCD fluorescence emission detector for rapid data acquisition - up to 100 times faster than any other benchtop fluorimeter
  • Double excitation monochromator for superior stray light rejection
  • Matching bandpass for absorbance and fluorescence spectra
  • Automatic sample changeover
  • Compatible with flow cell and titrator
Product Image QM400


  • Perfect system for nanotechnology, quantum dots etc.
  • Rapid excitation-emission matches in seconds
  • High sensitivity in NIR with InGaAs array
  • High resolution
  • Eases qualification and quantification of species and families of SWNTs



QuantaMaster QM-30/300

  • Pulsed Xe Lamp as Light Source,
  • S/N Ratio: <3,000:1 for Raman band of Water
  • PTI patented Single Shot Transient Digitizer (SSTD) technique
  • Lifetime from 1 µS to several seconds
Product Image QM400




  • PTI patented Stroboscopic technique
  • Lifetime: 100 picoseconds to nanoseconds
  • Continuously tunable Nitrogen pumped Dye laser
  • Wavelength from 240nm to 990 nm
  • Most Affordable Laser Light Source in UV range
  • Ideal for protein scientists
Product Image QM400

LEDStrobe TM-20/200

  • PTI patented Stroboscopic technique
  • Lifetime: 100 picoseconds to nanoseconds
  • Afoordable and a wide range of Nanosecond LEDs
  • Wavelength from 240nm to 990 nm
Product Image QM400


  • Conventional TCSPC technique
  • Lifetime: down to 40 ps (10 ps with fs laser and MCP/PMT)
  • NanoLED and Picosecond Laser Diode as Light Source
  • Fast PMT or MCP-PMT as detector
  • Optional Supercontinum ultrafast white laser
  • Optional Frequency Doubler to get UV range excitation
Product Image QM400


  • Measure Lifetime from 25 ps with Laser Diodes and PPD Detection Module
  • Up to 1,000 TCSPC Measurements per sec - Ideal for Kinetics Studies
  • Emission Monochromator Wavelength Selection
  • Measurement Modes:
  • Lifetime: 25 ps to 1 sec
  • Kinetic TCSPC: 1 to 10,000 Decays measured Sequentially in 1 ms to 1 min per Decay
  • Anisotropy: Reconvolution Analysis to Resolve Shorter Rotational Correlation Times
  • Time Resolved Emission Spectra (TRES): Collect up to 100 Wavelength Dependant Decays
  • Steady state
  • DeltaDiodes available from UV to NIR.
  • SpectraLEDs can be used to acquire longer lifetimes (µs~s) and available from UV to NIR
  • Upgrade to a Monochromator based NIR System
  • Easy to Add Accessories with F-Link Bus
  • Comprehensive Software Package
Product Image QM400


  • Filter based Wavelength Selection
  • Up to 1,000 TCSPC Measurements per sec - Ideal for Kinetics Studies
  • Detector Range: 185~650 nm (option: 850 or 900 nm)
  • Standard Sample Holder with Magnetic Stirrer and Temperature Sensor
  • Measures Rotational Correlation Times using optional Polarizers
  • Full Range of DeltaDiodes, NanoLED and SpectraLED Light Sources from UV to NIR
  • Operation up to 100 MHz with DeltaDiode Light Source
  • F-Link Spectrometer Interface for Plug-n-Play Upgrades

FluoroCube / FluoroCube Extreme

  • Option of Filter or Monochromator based Wavelength Selection
  • Large Sample Compartment (Compatible with Cryostat)
  • Water/Liquid Thermostatted Cell Holder
  • Excitation / Emission Optics with 50 mm UV grade Fused Silica Lens, Filter Holder and Mount for Polarizer
  • Wide Choice of Excitation Sources
  • Picoseconds Laser Diodes from 370 nm to NIR
  • Nanoseconds LED from 260 nm to NIR
  • The Original Nanosecond Flash Lamp, now in it's 4th Generation
  • Sub-microsecond Xenon Flashlamp and LEDs for Phosphorescence
  • Ti-Sapphire Laser and Multi-photon Options
  • TBX-04 (185~650 nm) Picosecond Photon Detection (PPD) Module (interlocked with Lid of Sample Compartment)
  • FluoroHub Timing Electronics: Measures ps to sec Lifetime (depends on Light Source)
  • DataStation Measurement Software
  • DAS6 Decay Analysis Software: Foundation Pack (including 1 to 5 Exponentials) + DAS6-8 Anisotropy
Product Image QM400




  • Intercellular Ion measurement
  • Detector as PMT
  • PTI patented high speed DeltaRAM Excitation monochromator
  • Up to 250 ratios per second for multiple Ion measurement
  • Ideal Ratio Measurement system for biologists
Product Image QM400




  • Unique Imaging System of intercellular Ion concentration by PTI
  • PTI patented Warp Drive for control of Camera
  • Wide ranges of Camera as per User's requirements
  • Ideal Ratio Imaging system for biologists
Product Image QM400




  • Highest sensitivity: 2.4 femtomole/well fluorescein
  • Optional temperature controlled well plate
  • Wide dynamic range: up to 16 million counts
Product Image QM400