F-DGSi has nothing to declare, other than being One Step Ahead of the competition, in regards to Gas Systems.
F-DGSi Gas Generators are Modular, smoother, quieter, safer and offer more functionality than anybody in the market.


Nitrogen Generator

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technique or Membrane Separation Technology
  • Flow rate: 1 litre/min to several hundred litre/min
  • Nitrogen purity up to 99.999% (Zero Nitrogen with THC ‹0.05 ppm)
  • Combined Nitrogen / Zero Air Generator
  • Dual Flow Nitrogen Generator for Agilent LC/MS
  • Triple Flow Nitrogen / Zero Air Generator for AB Sciex LC/MS
  • High Flow High Purity Nitrogen Generator for JASCO / APP CD Polarimeter
  • High Flow Nitrogen Generator for ASE Dionex and TurboVap
Product Image Fluromax4

Hydrogen Generator

  • Latest Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) technology
  • Flow Rate from 100 ml/min to 1200 ml/min
  • Hydrogen Purity up to 99.99999%, pressure up to 16 bar
  • Auto-regeneration dryer - Single Column or Double Column
  • Patented Gas Water Separator, Electronically Controlled
  • Auto-refill of Water Tank
Product Image QM400

Zero Air Generator

  • Up to 30 litre/min Flow
  • Ultra Zero Air for TOC (CO2 ‹1 ppm, Water dew point ‹-70 0C) and FT/IR purge gas
  • Dessiccant Air dryer (water dew point ‹-70 0C, CO2 ‹1 ppm)
Product Image QM400