Gold APP Instruments Corporation, China is specialized in gas sorption analytical instruments, R&D, marketing and service, located in Beijing High-tech zone. Our main analyzers including surface area and porosity analyzer, Gas pycnometer true density analyser, High pressure gas sorption analyser, Sample degasser and so on, used for nanomaterials analyzing.


Surface Area Analyzer

  • Static Volumetric Principle
  • Also available based on dynamic chromatography (gas flow) principle
  • F-Sorb 1400CE: Auto Analyser, Fast testing results, High Accuracy
  • V-Sorb 2800S: Ideal for Laboratory, BET / Langmuir Surface Area
  • V-Sorb 4800S: 4 Stations Surface Area Analyser, Single and Multi-point BET
  • F-Sorb 2400CE: High end model, Professional Tester for BET Surface
  • Dynamic Chromatography Nitrogen Sorption
Product Image Fluromax4

Surface Area & Pore Size Distribution Analyzer

  • Two Analysis Modes: "Single N2" Gas and "N2+He" mode
  • Liquid Nitrogen Sensor to maintain LN2 Level and minimize Cold Zone Volume
  • Built-in Degasser Port
  • F-Sorb 3400CE: Surface Area and Porosimetry Tester, BET Surface, BJH Pore Size, Messopore Measurement Tester
  • V-Sorb 2800: Langmuir / BET Surface Area, BJH Pore Size and Volume Test
  • V-Sorb 2800P: Micropore / Messopore Measurement, High Accuracy, Reproducible, Minimum Operation
  • V-Sorb 4800P: Multi Station Pore Volume Analyser, Micropore / Messopore Size Distribution, Fully Automatic
  • V-Sorb 2800TP: Turbo Molecular Pumped Analyser, Fully Automatic, Static Volumetric Nitrogen Sorption
Product Image QM400

Gas Pycnometer True Density Analyzer

  • G-DenPyc 2900: Three Sample Analysis, Gas Displacement, Thermostatic, Various Volume Sample Chambers
  • G-DenPyc 2900T: Fully Automatic, 3 stations, Fast and Accurate results, Highly Stable
Product Image QM400

High Pressure & High Temp. Gas Sorption Analyzer

  • H-Sorb 2600: High Pressure (up to 200 bar), High Temp. (up to 500 0C), Safe and Stable Result